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In our series of articles "First Steps" we want to show you how easy it is to create and expand your virtual tours with VIEW3. 

This article deals with the important part of adding pictures to your tour to make it unique. 

After adjusting all important settings in the tour-dashboard it is now time to upload panoramic pictures. 


Under "image upload" you are firstly required to upload the images you want to add to your tour.

You can upload the images directly via your computer or a FTP-account. 

After successfully uploading your pictures, they will be shown in the box below. Through the table next to it, you are able to manage the images and change the settings. 

Through the Projection you are able to limit the view of vision of the panoramic picture. For that you just have to adjust the red arrows however you like. 

The Nadir-Patch can be deactivated for certain panoramic pictures. 

The Floorplan is another feature of the Virtual Tour Center. Further information can be found here. 

How to create/add a Gallery can be found out here. 

To show tours on a Google Maps map it is possible to add longitudes and latitudes via Geolocation to your tour. 

You can add a background music to a certain point in your tour. 

Through Vorschaubild you can set a thumbnail for your tour. This is of importance for social media platforms. 

To individualize your tour even more, you are able to integrate your own XML code into your tour. 

It is also possible to download the source file of your tour and to duplicate/replace the panoramic images. 


To go back to the first article of our series regarding "Creating a new Tour" click here and to the previous one about the "Tour-Dashboard" click here

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