EN - How to Create Slideshows!

Slideshows offer the great possibility to add a certain kind of special movement to your tours. Through slideshows you are able to automatically play your panoramic pictures one after another. 

How does that work?

Note: Slideshows only work with classic tours because of the amount of pictures.

Go to the tour where you want to add your slideshow and navigate to "Sidebar". In the category "Quick-Links" you can see an overview of your activated Quick-Links. 

When clicking "Add tour function" you will be able to select and add a Slideshow.

After that you can edit the settings of the slideshow you just added. 

You can now change the interval, picture sequence and whether you would like to hide/show your menu. In the box below you can select the panoramic pictures which should be involved in your slideshow. 

The panoramic pictures should now switch the way you want them to. 

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