EN - How to create a Floorplan and add it to your tour!

Floorplans are a good opportunity to make your tours more clear. Through a floorplan the viewer can orient easier and go from one point to another within no time. 

How does that work?

Go to the tour where you would like to add a floorplan. When you are on the Tour-Dashboard go to the right side of the navigation to "Extensions". There you will find the Map-Manager. 

The overview of your floorplans is about to open. 

You can now adjust the settings of a new floorplan after clicking "Create Floorplan". 

After uploading your floorplan, the image of it will appear next to the settings. Through clicking on the chosen area you can add a marker to that position. 

The map-marker can be edited several times. 

You can choose whether the click on the marker will lead to a different panoramic picture, to the navigation or to a link. 


Depending on the selected category you have to choose a special ID. If the marker should lead to another panoramic picture the certain picture needs to be selected here. 

After saving the settings you need to go back to "Images" in the navigation. There it is possible to assign the floorplan to certain images. For that you need to click on the empty box in the table. 

Under "functions" and "floorplan" you can select the floorplan that belongs to the picture. 

After successfully saving your picture, the floorplan will be displayed at the chosen position. 

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