EN - Share and Embed your Tours - Here's How!

To make your tours even more successful, it is sometimes useful to share them on social media or to embed them into your own website. Through that you can gain visitors and reach out to different target groups.

How does that work?

In order to make sharing and embedding possible you have to make sure your tour is online!

Open the editor of the tour you want to share. Top right you will find “Embed/Share Tour”.

In the “Embed Generator” it is possible to edit and personalize the way you want to share/embed your tour. You can choose which panoramic picture should be the starting point and in which language the tour should be shown first.

In the chart below you can change several settings. You can e.g. open the tour without a menu or hide infoboxes. Furthermore, you can decide whether these settings should be applied to only desktop, mobile or both.

With every change you make, the generated link changes as well. The tour will be viewable through this link once you’re finished. It is also possible to generate a QR-Code of that tour.

The generated link can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Xing and more and the tour with the saved settings will be embedded and shared.

If you want to embed your tour into your own website, you will need the iFrame. You can integrate this code into your HTML data on your website. The size of the window is also adjustable.

In the 2nd part of our series we will deal with the other features and what possibilities you also have in order to share your tours even easier.

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