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In our series of articles called "First Steps" we want to show you how to create and expand tours with our Virtual Tour Center. 

In this article we deal with the important features of the Tour-Dashboard while creating a tour. After successfully creating a tour, the Tour-Dashboard will be the next step. 

The Dashboard is divided in several categories:



In the general settings you can determine the fundamental settings. 

Next to title of the tour, description as well as tour-status (online/offline) you can state the meta-data for the robots of the tour. This should specify whether the tour should be found in search engines or not.

You also upload a Favicon and a Touch-Icon as well as background music. 


If you want to make your tour internationally available you can add several languages to your tour. For that you just have to select the languages that should become a part of your tour.

By the way: The activated languages can be shown as flag symbols in the sidebar of your tour. 


To personalize your tour even more detailed it is possible to upload your own template. If you want to use your own template please contact us at info@view3.com.


Help Box

A help-box is a box, which can be displayed at the beginning of the tour. It offers the possibility to give the viewer helpful information when navigating through the tour. 



To edit the imprint of the tour.



Allows you to maintain your galleries or to add a new gallery. More information can be found here. 



Through sharing you can allow other authors to contribute in your tour. Another helpful article can be found here. 



Add a personal touch to your tour through branding. The settings can be found here. It is possible to individualize the name and the logo. You can also add a link to your logo. 

A helpful article on "White-Labels" can be found here. 


Standard Hotspot

Through this category it is possible to determine a standard hotspot. This hotspot will be shown standardly while editing the tour. Still, the hotspot can be changed later.



With the WebVR plugin it is possible to watch the tour by use of VR-capable device in browsers of smartphones. Simply tick the box to activate the VR plugin. 



The so called "nadir" is the lowest point of the panorama. With a Nadir-Patch it is possible to cover that point because of several reasons. 

You can add a picture and optional a link to the Nadir-Patch. 


Change URL

This feature allows you to change the URL of your tour. 



Deletes the entire tour completely. 


In the next article of our series "first steps" we deal with the Image Upload. If you want to go back to the 1st part of our series click here


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