EN - 1.) Creating a New Tour!

In our series of articles called "First Steps" we want to show you how you can create and expand a tour with our Virtual Tour Center. 

In the head of the central navigation you can add a new tour by clicking "Create New Tour". 

Now you have to decide whether you want to create a tour based on Google Street View or a Classic Tour without connection to Google Street View. 


Google Maps Business View or Google Streetview

Expand your existing Google Street View tour by adding a navigation, hotspots and further interactive elements. 

On the following page you have to paste the link to your Google Street View or search for the tour. Clicking "submit" will confirm your input. 


Classic Tour

As footage you will need equitangular panoramic pictures. Those kind of pictures can be taken with several kinds of equipment. A list can be found here.

To create a Classic Tour you just have to type in a name and then click on submit. 


In the 2nd part of our series we want to deal with the important topic "Tour-Dashboard". You can also skip the Tour-Dashboard and go straight to the Image Upload by clicking here

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