EN - White-Label Solution

Through White-Labels it is possible to personalize your virtual tours even more! You can now offer the features of the Content-Management-Software for virtual tours by VIEW3 to your clients as your own product. That is how you can offer more personality to your clients. 

How does that work?

The White-Label settings can be found in "My Profile" and there will be a category called "White-Label/Branding".

First of all, you are required to submit all of your personal data. The name will be used inside of the whole system for almost everything whereas the shortname will be used in the browser-title for example. The E-Mail address will be the E-Mail in which mails will be sent out in your name. 


You are also able to upload a Favicon and a Logo. The logo is the image that will be used in the entire system, for example at the Login or Branding. The Favicon is the image what will be shown in the address-bar of your browser next to the URL.


Through a Custom SMTP Server you are able to individualize all of your settings. A helpful article about the topic can be found here.


Via "Permission for users and display options" it is possible to place or overwrite a Branding-Logo for all tours where the Branding is deposited. 

It is also feasible to put a link on the logo so it will be clickable. 

You can tick the settings that should be shown in the tour.

Through the Domain you can choose a Domain under which the whole system will operate. But you have to consider that you will need a CNAME! The CNAME can be found via your internet provider.

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