EN - Adding a Gallery to your Tour!

Galleries are a good opportunity to further extend your tour. You are now given the possibility to add even more pictures to your presentation. It is useful if you want to offer your client some more information on several topics. 

How does that work?

Go to the tour where you would like to add a gallery. On the Tour-Dashboard you can find the category "Gallery". 

You are now asked to pick the gallery you would like to add. If you do not have any galleries yet, you can create a new one. After choosing a title you are able to upload pictures to your new gallery.


There a 2 options to embed a gallery into your tour. Option 1 is to embed the gallery in the shape of a hotspot. Option 2 is to embed the gallery underneath the tour as a picture bar. 


Gallery as a Hotspot

After creating a new gallery go to "Hotspots/Infoboxes" and add a new hotspot. There you have the option to choose a gallery hotspot. Now you only have to place the hotspot on the right position in your tour. 


Gallery underneath the tour

For that you have to create a new tour via the extensions. After that you have to go back to the Tour-Dashboard and define a general tour which will be shown unless nothing else is defined. You are also able to create a individual tour for every other panoramic picture. 

Additionally you can name each picture and put a link underneath of them. 

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