EN - Teamwork - Collaborate with other Authors!

Collaboration in a team, with friends or with your clients is an important part while creating a successful tour. That is why we made it possible to invite other authors to help you with your project. Whether it is just a quick glance over your tour or you allow them to contribute through helping you edit the tour.

How can I invite other people to contribute?

Go to the Tour-Dashboard of the tour you would like to share. There is a category called "Sharing" where it is possible to invite people. 

You will find a list of E-Mail addresses which you already invited to collaborate. Underneath there is a field to submit a new address. 

After submitting the address you can state which authorization the user should have. The enabled user should now have several features. He can either edit everything (Admin) or comment on the tour (Feedback Mode) or just take a look at the tour (Read). 

To comment on the tour you have to go to "Extensions" where you will find the "Revision Feedback". There it is possible to comment on several points within the tour. 

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