EN - How to change the basic structure of the Sidebar

A navigation in the sidebar of your tour is a good opportunity for more structure within the tour. You can edit the navigation however you like and add the categories you need for your tour. Through that you are one step closer to your clients. 

How does that work?

Go to the tour you would like to edit and then click on "Sidebar". You are now able to change the structure. 

Through the two opposed arrows you can change the order of the elements by dragging and dropping them. To add another element, simply click on "Add sidebar element".


Allows you to add a text to the sidebar.


Upload a picture to your sidebar.


You can adjust the Quick-Links however you want in the separate menu "Quick-Links". Add the features which would make sense for your tour. 


Allows you to show the navigation elements in your sidebar. Go to "Navigation" to adjust your settings. 


Through the language-change-menu you can display the flags of the activated languages in the sidebar of your tour so your viewers can switch languages. To activate languages go back to the Tour-Dashboard


Additionally you can add the Sidebar-Elements: RSS-Feed, CleverReach Newsletter or MailChimp Newsletter


Update: With the newest update you are able to determine whether a navigation-point or a Quick-Link should be hidden on tablet, smartphone or desktop. 

Simply navigate to Sidebar, select the navigation-point or the Quick-Link to edit and go to Device-Options. There you can tick the boxes to determine on which device the navigation-point or Quick-Link should be hidden. 


After saving everything should be shown as determined. 

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