EN - Your own SMTP-Server on VIEW3!

The data for the SMTP-Server can be found in "My Profile" in the tab "White-Label/Branding".

The server, encryption and the port can be received from your internet provider. Normally they can be found in the FAQ. If not, you can get them on request. 

User name such as password will also be given to you via your provider. Usually your user name is your E-mail address. 

Clicking on "Save Changes" will examine call detail records and save them. After everything has been saved all E-Mails within the White-Label account will be sent out via the stated SMTP Server. 

A failed connection test can have several reasons. The most common mistakes are a wrong password or that a new encryption has to be picked. 

It is possible that the clipboard does not save special characters in the right way so that those will be coded wrongly. We recommend you to copy your password into an editor before pasting it on our website OR to submit it manually. 

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