EN - What are Infoboxes?

Infoboxes are helpful tools which are placed in the corners of virtual tours and contain additional information. The special feature is that Infoboxes can only be seen in certain perspectives of the tour and depend on various angles, etc. Through that, it is possible to display Infoboxes in a certain part of the panoramic picture. 

How can I add Infoboxes to my tour?

Go to the tour where you would like to add the infobox. Navigate to Hotspot/Infoboxes and click on the right button Infoboxes.

After clicking on Add Hotspot the window to edit the Infobox opens immediately. You are now entitled to add a description for your Infobox. 

After that you have to select the picture section where the Infobox should be shown. 

Through the red arrows you can restrict the field of vision. 

The interior space in between the limitation will be the room where the Infobox will be shown. 

Afterwards you are entitled to determine the content of the infobox. You have several options to do so. Whether is a video, picture or just plain text - almost everything can be added. 

At last you can specify the dimensions as well as the position of the infobox. There is also room for CSS classes. 

After saving, the Infobox should be displayed as wished for. 

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