The Tooltips

Tooltips are useful little texts which reveal further information about hotspots. They are used for descriptions of infospots for example and show information before you even click on the hotspot. 

Where can I find the settings for tooltips? And what do I have to do?

Go to the virtual tour where you would like to personalize your tooltips.

Switch to Hotspots/Infoboxes and either add a new hotspot or edit an already existing one. Another useful article on hotspots can be found here

In the window to edit the hotspot you can find the box Tooltip.


There you can determine the text for the Tooltip. 

Now change to Player/Design and switch to Colours/Fonts. There you will find the section Tooltips. 


It is now possible to adjust all kind of colour settings of your Tooltip. 

After successfully saving your settings the Tooltip should be shown as adjusted. 

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