The new VR-Menu for VR-Mode

Attention: Currently only for classical tours.

Virtual tours are perfect for VR-goggles! Because of that reason, it is important to us that virtual tours work as perfect with VR-goggles as on desktop or smartphones. That is why we created a new VR-menu for the VR-mode. It is the perfect alternative. 

How does that work? How can you add a VR-menu to your virtual tour?


Important: The WebVR function in the Tour-Dashboard needs to be activated. 

After it is activated, the box about the WebVR-Navigation should be shown. 


Now you are entitled to select the navigation that should be shown in VR-mode. You can either pick the menu that already exists in your tour or create a new one. 

If the menu is too "big", meaning if the menu has more than 11 navigations points per level or more than 3 levels in the depth you should create a new menu that only contains the most important navigation-points. 

Simply click on here and you will be forwarded to the page where you can manage the menus. When you are on the page Sidebar, navigate to Navigation. There you need to click on Create a new menu.


You are now able to manage the menus. It is also possible to duplicate a menu that is already existing and to delete or add or manage the order of the menu-points. 

It is possible to create a complete new menu. 

After saving the menu you have to go back to the Tour-Dashboard and select your new menu in the WebVR Navigation bar. The menu should be shown in the VR-mode now. 

P.s.: The color of the menu will be the same color as the already existing one in your tour. The colors in the WebVR navigation cannot be adjusted individually. To change the color of the whole tour, go to Player/Design and navigate to Colours/Fonts

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