EN - The new Export - export virtual tours easily

After you are done with editing your virtual tour it is a good use to save your tour for an eternity. With the new export-function, this is now possible. Through that you are able to download your tour and present it on your computer without being connected to the internet. Your virtual tours everywhere. 

How does that work?

Go to the editor of the tour you just finished and navigate in the menu to Embed/Share Tour and Export.

There you will find the settings you will need. 


First, list the E-Mail address to which the mail with the link to the export will be sent. 

After that, determine whether you will need a web server or not. After clicking on Run export the export will be started. It might take a while for the mail to arrive though. 

If you already exported the tour, you will find the overview of your Executed Exports underneath. There you can even see the status of your export. 

After receiving the mail, your export will be available for the next 14 days. 

The mail you will receive also contains a link to the tour building kit where you have the possibility to determine specific options.

You are able to select the start panorama which will be the first picture that is shown when you open the exported tour. Besides that you can hide the menu and activate/deactivate the autorotation. It is also possible to hide certain navigation items. Depending on the settings you just adjusted, the link changes. After saving, the tour can be downloaded and will contain the adjusted settings. 

Note: In the case of changes within your tour, you have to create another export since it is only offline available and does not update automatically. 

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